Falling in love with Nordenfeldt

I'm mildly tipsy at the moment but that doesn't stop me.

I managed to acquire some new pieces of Nordenfeldt from Mustahöyhen for my wardrobe today. I'm strangely enchanted by this Finnish-German brand with high quality materials and amazing shapes.

This is my first cape and I'm sure this will protect me against all kinds of weather oddities, because it's easily combined with winter and lighter coats, and will work fine by itself during colder summer days.


HYPOMANIA, hat close-ups

I wrote some time ago about my first small hat collection, Bipolar. One of the hats was called Hypomania and I mentioned I might be upgrading it. And now I've done it. There's not much new in it but I took some proper close-ups.

The problem with this is to find the fine line between messy and elegant. There's power in hypomania, but that power isn't always used to the right things.

I can't wait for the next crazy party where I could wear this piece!