Angels in Helsinki

At first I have few words about my absence. Disappearing seems to be one of my favourite hobbies. But I eventually return, always. I'm trying to learn a new tactics for my blog: stop worrying about posts you haven't posted and concentrate on the most recent events.

These blogspotless months have been full of everything and nothing. I went to Oslo and Stockholm. I had Halloween three times so I planned three different outfits. Fell in love with Fallout again, downloaded Steam (add me as your friend, I'm Amphetamimic). Learned things about Tarot and witchcraft of some kind. I attended in filming of LaPerse's music video and was assisting in few major photoshoots. Finished a fur hat for a customer. Oh well, that sounds like a lot of stuff, but my mind has been more off than on.


Few weeks ago Jenni asked if I could model for her - without a shirt. I've never had anyone else taking topless pictures of me. Of course shirtless selfies are much easier when there's nobody else around and you can see the whole time which position makes the body look best, even cheat a little by bending and stretching. I've known the photographer many years which helped a lot and of course I trusted her. And the results are really amazing!

 I usually have many issues with this flesh prison. I want it to look better but I'm far too lazy to actually get any results. And chocolate addiction isn't helping. But these pictures prove that I should be proud of this body even if it isn't my dream body. Thank you so much, Jenni.

Go check her blog!

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