Falling in love with Nordenfeldt

I'm mildly tipsy at the moment but that doesn't stop me.

I managed to acquire some new pieces of Nordenfeldt from Mustahöyhen for my wardrobe today. I'm strangely enchanted by this Finnish-German brand with high quality materials and amazing shapes.

This is my first cape and I'm sure this will protect me against all kinds of weather oddities, because it's easily combined with winter and lighter coats, and will work fine by itself during colder summer days.


HYPOMANIA, hat close-ups

I wrote some time ago about my first small hat collection, Bipolar. One of the hats was called Hypomania and I mentioned I might be upgrading it. And now I've done it. There's not much new in it but I took some proper close-ups.

The problem with this is to find the fine line between messy and elegant. There's power in hypomania, but that power isn't always used to the right things.

I can't wait for the next crazy party where I could wear this piece!



We're living in the era of make-up tutorials and drag queens. Still I'm here painting my face like elementary school kids during art class. Sometimes I manage to create something nice, but usually I just don't know what's going on and I'm far too lazy to actually learn how to doll up my face. I'd love to start playing more with make-up even when not going anywhere. I could be the next instaqueen with amazingly painted face. Maybe in next life, now I'm too busy to play Fallout 3...


From Berlin to Wrocław

Wittenbergplatz, Berlin

In the end of January something rather weird happened. I was hangover and scrolling through social media. That's not the weird part. Suddenly I saw a status update where somebody was renting an apartment from Berlin for 11 days. I felt like this was for me so I sent a message. One week after that I was heading to an airport, travelling first time alone abroad.

I've never been in Berlin in winter and it was stupid of me to think that Berlin would be south enough to escape the winter of Finland. The weather wasn't bad but it wasn't any warmer, but we can only blame my stupidity for that. But the trip wasn't ruined because of that. The sunsets were amazing and I still love the city, always. My home located in Neukölln and was near the Tempelhofer Feld, a closed airport that is turned into a park.

Neukölln / Tempelhof
Tempelhofer Feld

mandatory: Alexanderplatz and Berliner Fernsehturm
red wine, black cigarettes

I was also honoured to meet Mimosa Pale, a Finnish artist who had a hat boutique in Berlin several years ago. I borrowed one of her mindblowing hats for an event I never attended because of crazy-long queues. But I got few selfies wearing it, obviously and luckily. This hat was so huge it was hard to get in picture as a whole piece and it's not the biggest hat Mimosa has created.

Abandoned places of Berlin are a thing and of course you need to check at least one when visiting the city. We managed to check two places with my bf during his short stay: Königin-Elisabeth-Hospital and Water Park Blub. The hospital was kind of a small building, but it was nice to explore it. Blub was amazing, shame that the most of it was burned away. There were snowing the day we visited Blub and I was afraid of rusty nails lurking under snow so there were many areas we didn't check. Good that it was easy to get in the water park, I think I need to check this again during summer time. It's located in Neukölln.

Blub was nearly destroyed by fire last summer, but there's still a lot to see fortunately
I also went to check Poland one day. I took a PolskiBus to Wrocław and arrived there in the middle of fog. It bothered me a bit that I couldn't see the city, but as a Silent Hill fan the experiment turned to be even more enjoyable.The city was full of churches and seems like I only pictured them.....

I really need to go back to Wrocław, one day was just not enough. I met my Tumblr-friend Mag for the first time and they were the best guide through the city and it's bars churches. Thank you, dear!

Few weeks I took a picture from Helsinki that looks like Wrocław...


Angels in Helsinki

At first I have few words about my absence. Disappearing seems to be one of my favourite hobbies. But I eventually return, always. I'm trying to learn a new tactics for my blog: stop worrying about posts you haven't posted and concentrate on the most recent events.

These blogspotless months have been full of everything and nothing. I went to Oslo and Stockholm. I had Halloween three times so I planned three different outfits. Fell in love with Fallout again, downloaded Steam (add me as your friend, I'm Amphetamimic). Learned things about Tarot and witchcraft of some kind. I attended in filming of LaPerse's music video and was assisting in few major photoshoots. Finished a fur hat for a customer. Oh well, that sounds like a lot of stuff, but my mind has been more off than on.


Few weeks ago Jenni asked if I could model for her - without a shirt. I've never had anyone else taking topless pictures of me. Of course shirtless selfies are much easier when there's nobody else around and you can see the whole time which position makes the body look best, even cheat a little by bending and stretching. I've known the photographer many years which helped a lot and of course I trusted her. And the results are really amazing!

 I usually have many issues with this flesh prison. I want it to look better but I'm far too lazy to actually get any results. And chocolate addiction isn't helping. But these pictures prove that I should be proud of this body even if it isn't my dream body. Thank you so much, Jenni.

Go check her blog!