They are seen as powerful and ready to act. They just seem to always know what to say and what to do. It might feel exhausting to even be near them, when they're always one step ahead. Their ambition could burn down cities.

But they aren't everpowerful. If the high-drive keeps going too long they will fall. Armours collapsing, unmasking their sensitive side. Vulnerability isn't familiar area for them, because they love to think that they don't have any weaknesses.

Vulnerability is a home for others. They seem to conceal themselves under sensitivity. The harmless, usually kept somewhere slightly out of sight. Either they want to be there where they find comfort or they're always trampled.

But don't you dare to underestimate them. Sensitivity doesn't mean they're weak. Not at all. They got all their fangs and nails ready.

What are they?

They are human.

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