CD REVIEW - Agnes Obel: Citizen of Glass

I'm sure this day is remembered as the day when Lady Gaga released her fifth studio album. I hope that doesn't have negative effect in another album released today.

I found Agnes Obel 1½ years ago and it helped me through dark days. Aventine album was released three years ago and it has calming dark sounds, lulling the listener to safe sad sanctuary. Her soft and strong voice combined with string instruments and piano play well together and sound is really charming. Needless to say, I was really excited when I hear about new album arriving.

Citizen of Glass continues the same dark path, but there are more playfulness included this time. I have to say that I'm not familiar with the previous releases, but seems like the new album has more electrical editing than Aventine. At first it sounded strange, but I really love it now.

Familiar was the first tasting from Citizen of Glass, released this June with a video. Sad and soft piano leads the listener to the fields of hope, you can clearly sense that this album is something new and bright.

This albums seems to come when it's needed to. Be it calm start for autumn days or tunes for the moments after dark. Songs are so beautiful in melancholic way, but not depressing. It's too early to say but I really hope this is the album of the year for me.

I'm leaving to Oslo tomorrow. Shame that Agnes Obel is performing there probably at this very moment I'm writing this entry. I really hope I get to see her someday.

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