BIPOLAR, the hat collection

Last winter I had an internship in We Are the People. I worked with Oona Heleena who is the producer behind the collective. I've known her before the internship and working with her was just amazing. Her heart is golden and her creativity and ambition are sky high.

For the last assignment Oona wanted me to do a hat collection with a story. I planned to do three hats but ended up only doing two so speaking about collection might be a bit misleading. Oona took amazing pictures of my hats and she also painted model's body. The model is Simona Callegari, really talented and mindblowingly beautiful. The hats aren't that polished, I'm planning to upgrade them someday.

HYPOMANIA, the Warlord
This one is refashioned from a top hat from a masquerade shop. I used etamine to create the spiral. There's a little bit of red in every hat resembling lifeblood and surviving. Black is usually associated to depression, but I wanted to use it in hypomania hat to create powerful and sinister feel. Mental illness is constant state of war and this could be the hat of a warlord. There's a strange power in hypomania, suddenly there's no need to sleep or eat but you still keep going and doing.

DEPRESSION, the Orphan
You can't even see the hat I made, actually. I made a hood from grey leather using material from old jackets. This hat was collaboration with robe artist Tinttu Henttonen, she made the robes according to my visions. Where the previous hat was maniac warlord, this one is the orphan left to suffer in bombed ruins. Grey resembles sleepy and weak feel and heavy robes burden the head. There is hangman's noose among the robes near the ear like death whispering invitations to the wearer.

I'm still planning to do the third one to this series, celebrating white colour and hope, the reminder that you are the survivor and will get through whatever battle there is to come.

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  1. Voi pojat että mä tykkään kun pukeutumis/asuste/yms asioilla on jokin merkitys, tarina, joka näissä kyllä tulee tosi hyvin esille.
    Tää hypomania näyttää ihan siltä että "spiraling out of control"
    Onko sulla jossain esillä lähikuvia näistä?
    Näis kuvissa on kyllä mainiot new romantics vibat, tykkään!

    1. Huaa kiitos paljon! n__n Lähikuvia en oo älynnyt vielä ottaa, mutta voisin kyllä kuvata nämä uudestaan jahka saan vähän päivitettyä näitä hmmm.