Trip to Your Haert

This blog just travelled through a vortex so congratulations if you're still aboard! This fresh air feels fascinating. The new name is an inspiration from Siouxsie and the Banshees song Arabian Knights. I really don't know what actually got me back to Blogspot and finally do something. Whatever it was, I thank you oh mysterious being. And may I say that I'm forever thankful for Meeri. Her blog is always so inspiring and I feel like she's my support in this blog path.

The disco ball helmet is something I did few months ago. It's first felt hat I've made at home. I don't have proper tools for that but it turned out just fine anyway. It's a bit too small for my enormous skull but I'm so attached to it I can't even imagine to sell it. But it's for rent if you're interested. Rental hat for parties, exhibitions and events. Avoid direct sunlight, for the sake of eyes of the passer-by's.

I graduated this spring and now I'm officially a milliner. Feels weird. Too weird actually, that's why I went back to school a month ago. Now I'm getting in deeper touch with sewing machines and patterns. Maybe I'll eventually know I really got this and could have enough confidence to work as a sorcerer who just creates anything from fabrics.

Disappearing seems to be one of my vices. It's a great way to gain back strength, though. Last time I returned to Blogspot I tried to tell everything I had experienced during the time of my absence. Now I won't. Not everything. These two years have been full of incredible things, but my point is to blog about new and now things.

This is a striptease to my heart. Loving to get attention but at the same time getting a bit horrified about revealing. What if my mother knows? Who cares.

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