My Personal Fragrantica

Good scents and smelling good have always been important traits for me. Slowly I've been slipping into world of perfumes. I remember using Axe's Dark Temptation, that chocolate scented Axe everyone was using nearly 10 years ago. I got bored to it but wanted something similarly sweet so one seller recommended Orange by Hugo Boss. After two years I got bored again. I remember also using Calvin Klein's Obsession Night, but it never was for me. It's weird how our affinity can change really fast from love to disgust. Thanks to some really fragrance fanatic friends I've found two loves of my life.

Thierry Mugler is one of the most inspiring fashion designers I know and I really love his magnificent aesthetic over everything. Few years ago I was in touch with the Alien for the first time and I still think that's one of the best fragrances I know. But I felt it wasn't for me to use. Then I found out about Amen two years ago. It's a bit more masculine version of Angel. I've never loved any fragrance as much as I love Amen. It's my number one and there are many who associate it with me. I'm sure there's something similar in Dark Temptation, something chocolate or caramel-like. I felt like part of my soul was missing when my first bottle of Amen ran out. Today I got a new one, finally!

this is not a Moschino toy

These new Moschino fragrances are somehow controversial. I don't know much about it but I'm learning all the time. I don't know why Toy is so hated. But I love it! Year ago I got a sample of Toy and felt like I needed this. It's far more fresh than Amen, more like scent for daytime and spring.

There are days when I find neither of these satisfying. Sometimes Amen feels too sweet but then Toy is too sparkling. I'm slowly devoured by the ecstatic world of fragrances and might found myself with hundreds of different bottles after few years...

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