I Styled My Boyfriend

I bought this amazing hat for him as a birthday present from Mustahöyhen few months ago. I felt I really needed to take some proper pictures of this gorgeousness wearing a mickey hat. I decided what he should wear using garments from his own wardrobe. He doesn't wear as much black as I do but he really should, according to all those beautiful black clothes he owns. And it really suits him. And all black everything is the Way.

HAT: Kristina Dragomir from Mustahöyhen | HARNESS: Nordenfeldt from Mustahöyhen | JACKET: Dusty

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihana tuo hattu! :) Pitää joskus piipahtaa tuolla mustassa höyhenessä/mustahöyhenessä?? :D

    1. Yksi tuollainen hattu onkin vielä Mustahöyhenessä myynnissä. Suosittelen käväisemään, kauppa on aarreaitta! <3