VIDEO: Härmälän Mimosa - Mars Yökkää!

Härmälän Mimosa is Finnish frantic freak folk band and they're going to release their debut album in 27th November. The first single from that album is out now and it's called Mars Yökkää! ('mars gags', a pun about Mars Attacks! which is Mars hyökkää! in Finnish)

So, what's the catch? The video is definitely eye candy. And you might find familiar faces, too...


After the fashion show, only ten minutes before leaving my home, falling in love my nearly-ready and first self-made hat.


Murder on the Catwalk

Last week we had our school's fashion show. Our class were models and backstage helpers - most of the models had two costumes and only minute or few for the change. I'm not really sure about the origin of the costumes, but the students of clothing and tailoring made those a year(?) ago for fashion show in Berlin. The theme of this show was 30's and 40's, and Komisario Palmu, and there was a murder mystery involved. Who murdered Miss Tähtinen? All the models were different characters and also the suspects.

Thanks to Xenia and Delia for taking these pics! My character was Hans, the leader of servants in the mansion of Miss Täthinen. Hans knew all the secrets in the mansion and was also behind some jewelry thefts.
pic taken by Sara
In the last show I had a killer make-up and sassy attitude. It was a rough week. We had nine shows in three days. But I really enjoyed this time! I want to gain more and more experience in walking like a cat.

with my class mate Joma

This was one of the songs in our fashion show. Can't stop listening to it!


Three faces for the Halloween

Needless to say, I've been really tired. I have lost contact with my camera and I'm not sure how to get it back. I'm planning to finally create an account to Instagram, but who knows when it's going to happen.

I've always loved to create crazy costumes and dress up, and Halloween is the perfect time of the year to go out wearing these weird things. This year I managed to create three different looks!

the Clown

On Saturday Vilma and Annica had super cool Halloween party. My head was a mess the whole day, but I managed to get rid of the anxiety for a while and put on my costume. The result was goofier I expected, it was so fun!
pic taken by Tuuli
My dear room mate Tuuli was also heading to other Halloween party, so we decided to transform together before leaving the apartment.

From the party, with Vilma and Taneli.

the Seductress

On Friday we had a Halloween costume competition in school. I had also an appointment with the dentist after that, so that excluded all the make-up and fake blood. This costume was incredible, because I had all the clothes in my closet already, and those mind-blowing heels I borrowed from my dear friend Nakki.

thanks to my classmate Maija for taking the picture!

the Witching Hour

Well, this is really near from my everyday looks, but anyway. On Thursday and Friday evening I wanted to look like a witch. Friday included even more witchcraft, because I went to see the Craft to cinema with Vilma. It was the first time I saw that movie, so it was about time! If you love witches and 90's, then you REALLY need to see the Craft.