weekly outfit check 34/2014

Back in school. That means I need to get away from my home every day. That means I need to wear some proper clothing. That means more frequent outfit checks? Maybe?

Sin City inspired - I was heading to see the premiere


YEAR OF SILENCE: Blue Workshop

This post concentrates on one of the best things happened to me during my absence from HeavyBeatsReality. It might also be the most creative happening in my life after moving away from childhood surroundings.

Last August I started my work experience in place called Sininen Verstas (=blue workshop). First five months I was in atelier Rotondo learning how to dye fabrics and use different kind of templates to create patterns. And then I was another five months in atelier Satroria learning to sew and do any kind of 3D creations with fabrics. Nothing has been as inspiring as this period in Sininen Verstas.


It feels impossible to show all the things I've done there, but I'll try to show my favourites.

We usually started our days with a random painting. It was a good starter before heading to the main things of the day. We had some light guidelines and then we used 10-30 minutes to paint something, usually mindflow. Here are some of my dry pastel favourites.

Painting fabrics with free technique and then sewing them as new covers. Now I can turn every boring notebook and file into more visually satisfying.

Most of the time in Rotondo we learned different kinds of batik dyeing techniques. All of the colours were self-combined from pigments, so the colours were unique.

because of use of sodium we needed masks
this T-shirt was originally simple gray, now it's better
Has anyone heard about art books? The form is simple and not surprising: it's art in a form of a book. In Finland it's not that know form of art. Luckily, in Sininen Verstas we visited many different kind of art exhibitions and one of them introduced art books so well we decided to make our own

My art book is heavily inspired by the movie Hellraiser, which I had seen just few days before doing this book.
cardboard, rubber and chicken wire
...and favourite ingredient: duct tape!
Encyclopaedia of Sadomasochism
with self-dyed fabric and heart that moves when you open the book

No wait. I want to separate these things I've made in two. Here you have seen things I'm very proud of, but probably won't be doing anymore in near future. Because of lack of inspiration or resources. I want to give a proper spotlight to the things I'd love to do even more. So the last Year of Silence post will be about three things I'm very passionate about and would like to do even more: jewelry, upgrading clothes and stencils.


learn to speak

I can't even tell how irritating this is. Yes, I definitely would love to write as often as possible, but still I remain silent. Dead silent, it seems. I've been too exhausted, anxious and depressed to actually do anything. This one part of me just wants to delete every web profile I have and bury me. "Just be silent because you're nobody." That's what it keeps telling me. Oh how I'd love to take photographs, arrange photoshoots, write and create. But no. I just need some time.

autumn is coming so I can wear my favourite outfit again!
Schools started few weeks ago, I'm studying hatmaking and millinery now. At the same time, it's very inspiring but also I'm getting even more tired.

Gladly I've captured something during past months.

in Kruunuvuori with Jenni
 I mostly forgot my weekly outfit check. Of course. It's more like ten weeks and two pictures? Does it count? Yes?