CD REVIEW - Austra: Habitat EP

I somehow associate Austra's music to this blog. They both began to be part of me at the same time in spring 2011. I can't remember when was the last time I hyperventilated about new music in here, I used to do it more when the blog was a newborn. Well, now is the time again.

Out of nowhere came Habitat, the new EP from Austra. I didn't know about this until the EP was released yesterday. Austra has been one of my favourite bands for years and good source of inspirations, but after seeing their concert last August I've been less excited. I don't know, maybe the concert wasn't as mind blowing as I thought I'll be. But of course I'm glad I saw them.
cover of the Habitat EP
 Habitat includes four new tracks. The title song is addictive, and I think it's more club-kind of song from Austra than usual. I love their mysterious aesthetic and it's good that they really know how to combine club and mystique. Hulluu is another song from this EP that caught my ear. My eye first, because that word is a Finnish word meaning '(something is) crazy'. Bouncy jungle beats and whispered lyrics took me right away, another new kind of song from Austra! Two remaining songs sound good, but they're a bit boring without lyrics - though song called Doepfer has some ecstatic moments.


weekly outfit check 23/2014

This is something where I really need to hear your opinions and your voice. I was asked to show pics about my outfits. I was planning to write an entry once per week, which will show the best pieces from the week. Are you interested? Is one week too much, would two weeks or one month be better? Or is this something that doesn't need own "series", should I just continue posting randomly about my outfits if I have something better to tell?

Anyway, here's the best from previous week. Check them out and tell me do you like this idea.

This coat is self-upgraded, I would like to do this for all my jackets! If I've got any extra energy this summer, I'd like to do this "give me your jacket and some money, and I'll upgrade it", but all depends on do I want to sleep the whole summer or not... And Bauhaus t-shirt, one of my favourite shirts

I was so inspired after seeing Maleficent-movie that I forgot to check the thermometer before heading out. I did have two additional layers, but I had to remove them before getting heatstroke. The movie was good, by the way. So eye candy. I wasn't so excited about the beginning or the end, but no can do when it's about Disney.

I think all my favourite T-shirts are band shirts, because this Crystal Castles shirts is one of my absolutely favourites, been years and it's still. This is from Stockholm.

 ...and this also, and so is the shirt. Seems like I'm all about shirts, eh? But this is perfect for chilly summer days.