Somehow I managed to stay, not deleting my blog. Somehow I managed to grow, and now I want to come back, show what I've got. By blog has been silent, but my life has not. I've managed to find new stages of happiness and self-confidence.

All I needed for the new beginning was the new skin for this blog, and now I've finally made it. Many thanks for Tuuli Lehtonen for taking the picture I used in my new header!

But how to tell about my year? So many words. But I'll remain silent and show pictures taken during the year. Let this be the start for a new era of Heavy Beats Reality!

...ugh, I feel so clumsy with my English. I hope blogging will sharpen it.

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  1. Vastaukset
    1. Yritän ottaa mahdollisimman rennosti, paineet voi pahimmillaan tappaa motivaation. :3 Ihanaa että olet vielä mukana!