YEAR OF SILENCE: Silent houses

Pictures from Kruunuvuori, the abandoned district in Helsinki.

From Beelitz-Heilstätten, a large abandoned hospital complex. This place was amazing, I've never experienced anything as ghost town as this one. The area was so huge that after three hours we've seen only half of the area. The oldest buildings in the area were build in 19th century, and there were sanatoriums and war hospitals. Blog called Abandoned Berlin is a great place to learn about abandoned places in or near Berlin, especially this entry helped me a lot.

We entered the last building near the dusk. Every door and window was locked, but I managed to find a way in - this suspiciously small door, well hidden and unlocked. It was so dark we used the light of cell phones. I didn't take any pictures inside the building, I just concentrated to see as much as possible. I've read that there was some kind of serial killer hiding in these ruins few decades ago. The old building was full of horrible noises, wind was blowing through the broken windows... cell phone batteries were running low, and then we didn't find the way out. Few minutes we were lost in this huge dark building, trying to locate that tiny door. Luckily we found the door before the batteries were dead.

I definitely want to go back! I think Beelitz-Heilstätten is one of the most exciting places I've ever visited.



Collaboration with incredible siblings Aron and Elisa Ra. Elisa took and edited the photos, Aron made all these clothes, make-up and styling.

pic taken by Ulla Kauppi
summertime gothness

In Kalasatama with Tuuli Lehtonen



winter 2013 was so damn cold

my favourite outfit - shame that three pieces from this have already gone
look from United Kingdom -themed party, I took inspirations from 80's goth scene



Somehow I managed to stay, not deleting my blog. Somehow I managed to grow, and now I want to come back, show what I've got. By blog has been silent, but my life has not. I've managed to find new stages of happiness and self-confidence.

All I needed for the new beginning was the new skin for this blog, and now I've finally made it. Many thanks for Tuuli Lehtonen for taking the picture I used in my new header!

But how to tell about my year? So many words. But I'll remain silent and show pictures taken during the year. Let this be the start for a new era of Heavy Beats Reality!

...ugh, I feel so clumsy with my English. I hope blogging will sharpen it.