Extraordinary Tea Time

Weird sunday inspirations. I can tell it was hard to create this self-portrait blindfolded. Ten seconds to get to this position and hold that rather expensive tea pot.


my heart is black and my body is blue

Exhausted. That's what I've been recently.
But at least my hair changes colour.


Gay Witches for Abortion

I remember being charmed by stories about witches since I was just a little child. Those who live in groves, going hand in hand with the nature, gaining powers from the wilderness. Hunting witches during the Dark Age is also fascinating, shame that I haven't read any historical texts recently.

Nu goth trend has lots of details from witchcraft and devil worship, which is cool. I still have some bizarre cross necklaces from the 90's, when my sister was a teenager and used to wear them. I'd like to gain more influences from those former gothic scenes, especially from the 80's.

pic taken by Tuuli


Lost Pieces from the Previous Year

Year 2012 was a rollercoaster, that's all I can say. This new year didn't have the best start, but at least I've got so much space to climb higher. I erased some of my web profiles, but started using Tumblr even more active and now I'll try to blow a new life to my blog.

It's always fun to check the past year when the new starts. What I've done and what sould I do better this year. I'm going to reveal some pics I didn't already reveal in this blog. Starting with the newest, going backwards.

December - shoulderplate made by Tytti Vähäsarja
December - with Saara, after Aron Ra's first collection was revealed on stage
October - in Dtm with Elie, pic taken by Kate, who I met earlier in Xiu Xiu's concert
September - yay, colours... pic taken by Tuuli
August - with my darling Vagina Galore after meeting Kaya, pic taken by Tuuli
 May was all about bouncing in abandonec buildings, abnormal activities and... touch this skin, honey!
hot January, or not
I've had lots of ideas for different stuff recently, but I still need to get rid of this comatose.