Primitive Party Animal

Theme party, got some inspirations from Cruella de Vil
Fuck you, November. Sometime I just feel like the alcohol is the only way to escape this darkness. Seems like I'm not the only one who thinks that way, because there has been lots of home parties recently. Last Friday I went to friend's housewarming party dressed as Cruella Boy - this strange boy who's inspired by Cruella de Vil herself. Or they might be even relatives. It was fun to play with make-up, silver glitter gel and black spray dye -thing. I started to miss my black hair SO much...

Few weeks back we had Halloween party in our dear gay hippie community. We used lots of time for decoration, or mainly Daniel and Sami did.

Living room: children's masks and lights

Entry: blue lights and some lights inside a helmet

Kitchen: UV-light and art by Daniel
Our own make-up artist Sami preparing Tiina for the evening

 Shame that I've got only few pictures from the actual party. It was kind of hard to take good pictures with so low light. Oh yeah, blaming the lights, not my (unexisting) skills...

Daniel lurking

Elie seducing (pic by Daniel)
Meeri as a wicked Minnie

I don't know how many party monsters we had in total... maybe 30? (pic by... SOMEBODY? Maybe Amir?)
 I got this Halloween's inspirations from amazing TV series American Horror Story. I wanted something pervert, but scary. I've always had some weird appeal for masks, so I wanted my whole face to be covered. I was lucky to find this asylum-themed mask from the nearest porn store, and it wasn't even expensive! My first vision of a costume was all black, but I had to change it to white. It was a good decision, because white glows so pretty in UV-light!

Soon I'll say goodbye for community. Next week I'll be moving to Punavuori with my dearie Mattiina. Can't wait to have own room!! But still I'll miss my family, I hope moving away won't break our bonds.

me, Sami, Elie, Daniel and Tiina