Contacts and Caffeine

Last Saturday I got courage to finally meet Paula. I've been following her blog over a year now and good god she's gorgeous! I like her personal style, the way she writes, and as an overall she is an interesting person. And she can speak Russian!

At first I was a bit afraid that my tired mood would just ruin the whole day, but good that caffeine is the saviour! The night before I was dancing my head off in night club Dtm and when I finally got back home I was stuck talking with my roomie for hours. Also, I wasn't the only one who didn't sleep so well: Paula had spended her night in night train from Rovaniemi to Helsinki.

After enjoying some coffee in Greece-styled café we found this beautiful courtyard and decided to take some photos.

She's such an adorable creature. Remember to chech her entry about this day!

10 kommenttia:

  1. Vastaukset
    1. Sinä olet ihana, oli uopeaa tavata sinut viimein. *.*

  2. apua onks toi ehkä maailman söpöin tyttö

    1. Oon melko varma siitä että on! Ainakin yksi heistä. Niin kuin sinäkin. :3

  3. Wow, amazing pics! *0* I'm speechless!
    I love the header of your blog! (:


  4. Mäkin olen joskus seurannut Paulan blogia.. Hienoja kuvia!