Vogue Ball with Benny Ninja

Voguing is the same thing as, like, taking two knives and cutting each other up, but through a dance form.
Voguing might be familiar to you via music video of Madonna's song Vogue, and it truely introduced this amazing dance form to the mainstream. The greater names behind the dance are still something else than Madonna. She didn't invite it. It is said that the godfather of vogue is Willi Ninja, who passed away six years ago. Benny Ninja continues his legacy by leading the House of Ninja and - of course - dancing vogue.

Benny Ninja in Dtm, 21.10.2012
I would have missed this mindblowing event without my dear squirrelfriend Nakki, who loves Benny Ninja. One year ago he showed me a documentary called Paris Is Burning, which tells about ball culture of New York City and contains interviews of legendary drag queens, underground performance artists and house leaders. I highly recommend this to everyone interested in queer and transgender communities of the 80's.

The Vogue Ball in Dtm was amazing. There were lots of talented dancers and good god their moves were just... no, there's no words.

photographed by Santi Fox
Voguing came from shade because it was a dance that two people did because they didn't like each other. Instead of fighting, you would dance it out on the dance floor and whoever did the better moves was throwing the best shade, basically.

So voguing is like a safe form of throwing shade.

The name is taken from the magazine Vogue because some of the movements of the dance are also the same as the poses inside the magazine.

- Willi Ninja

Of course, I didn't show up without dolling up...

photographed by Santi Fox


Wild Garden

I think this is the main reason why I consider Villipuutarha as my favourite café.

with Eija, pic taken by Ulla

At first you might think the place is expensive, but it's not when you see the size of the cake slices and coffee cups. They are not even cups. They're bowls. I love it!

ps. Finnish is so weird language. Think about this one: "Paapa pipo päähän ja piippaapa!" ...just saying.


Contacts and Caffeine

Last Saturday I got courage to finally meet Paula. I've been following her blog over a year now and good god she's gorgeous! I like her personal style, the way she writes, and as an overall she is an interesting person. And she can speak Russian!

At first I was a bit afraid that my tired mood would just ruin the whole day, but good that caffeine is the saviour! The night before I was dancing my head off in night club Dtm and when I finally got back home I was stuck talking with my roomie for hours. Also, I wasn't the only one who didn't sleep so well: Paula had spended her night in night train from Rovaniemi to Helsinki.

After enjoying some coffee in Greece-styled café we found this beautiful courtyard and decided to take some photos.

She's such an adorable creature. Remember to chech her entry about this day!