V Approves

Daniel bought these amazing wedge heels! Of course I've been mood-swingy about these, too. Before they arrived I though I won't touch them, they won't suite me, wedge heels need something extravagant clothings! But now I'm practicing to walk properly with heels, planning to actually wear these some day. Good that I already know something about walking in high heels. But I'm a perfectionist when it's about heels. It'll take time before I'm not afraid to step outside with heels like this.
"When learning to walk in a higher heel, do not step one wobbly foot out of your trailer door until you have mastered each sultry stride. I suggest doing your household chores in a “practice” heel. In time you will see that your legs, ankles, feet , and butt have made friends with one another and the collaborative effort has created the most beautiful masterpiece in movement. It is not the heel that is the challenge, it is the poligamy of your parts that must be conquered."
That's what Raja Gemini once said. I just adore her so much. She's a make-up artist and also successful drag queen, who has been doing drag about twenty years now. I think I'd say she's my idol.

Raja Gemini, photo taken by Dan Renzi


Headline says everything. I should tattoo this to my forehead. Oh god. I'm a victim of low self-esteem and it really affects my posts in Blogger. It's a shame, yes. It was lovely to read your comments from the previous post, my dear readers. Bad that I didn't realise myself how much you actually like my blog - you wouldn't be reading this at all if you didn't, aye. For now on I'm going to reveal more about myself. This idea still freaks me out a little. And that damn camera, I hope I'll carry it with me whenever I leave this apartment!

To celebrate this mood-swing I updated appearance of Heavy Beats Reality, yay! The picture of new header was self-photographed 1½ years ago. Everything else was made by Daniel, thank you. He's a wizard with his tablet. I recommend you to check his Tumblr!

Few weeks ago I ended up buying this green coat just to realise that every second passerby was wearing a similar jacket - army-like, with German flags, you know. I'm oh so alternative that I wanted to modify it before wearing. First I planned to paint something on the back but then I just accidently bought too small T-shirt, which happened to have Red Meat print on it. I didn't feel like showing my belly button to everyone, so I cut the print away and added it to the coat. I need to thank my dearie friend Ulla, who teached me how to use the sewing machine. By the way, does anyone happen to have a spare sewing machine?

If you haven't read Red Meat yet, you seriously should. It's a comic strip created by Max Cannon. It's full of dark humour with  weird, gruesome and strangely behaving characters. Bug-Eyed Earl - this staring man from the print and also strip above - is my absolute favourite.

And finally, few pics from the day. Daniel took that pic of me.