Exploring the tunnels

How extremely lazy of me! I've been staring these pictures for days, doing nothing, just staring. Finally I'm done with choosing and editing the final pictures.

I think it was a week ago when me and Meeri went out to photograph - what else than each others. I've always wanted to visit in allotment garden. As a kid I lived in countryside and I think the allotment gardens would be the easiest (or just cheapest, can't understand why train trips are so expensive) way to get back.

But we were too late, the allotment garden of Kumpula had closed it's gates. Fortunately Meeri knew an old railway just few steps away from the gardens. The railway itself was ripped away, but the route was still there. And a tunnel so dark it was hard to guess how long it was. We also found lots of trash, like this old wheel. I was so sure that some junkies would appear from the tunnel...

Near the old railway we found this weird big door, leading to underground. Of course the door was shut tight, but good that the neighbouring area was filled with fine graffiti.

More in Meeri's entry

This might be the second time when I'm using this diy-vest. I'm still not sure do I like it or not. I really need to be more playful with clothes.

Next thing to do with this blog is to create new logo and choose better font. Maybe this wasn't so interesting news, but now that I've written it down in public I'm forced to get it done.