Exploring the emptiness

Being active: updating the blog from a bus! At the moment I'm travelling from Tampere to Lahti. I edited few pictures I took when I was exploring the abandoned houses with VG and beware, there's also some red haired hotness incoming! Also known as my dearie friend Ulla.

I'm not sure how these pictures really look like, because I'm using my laptop's battery saving mode which reduces the light of the screen - and well, few times the sun just blinded my sight. Editing blindfolded is fun. Or not.

2 kommenttia:

  1. what's this place? old school? or kindergarten?

    1. Pictures are from a small apartmen building, which has been abandoned for only couple of years. There were few apartments in downstairs and upstairs we found empty offices. I'd like to know the reason for this abandonment.