Two months later

I finally got the pictures from the hair model session, which was in April!

Photographer: Janne Mäki
Hairdresser: Jonna Niemenperä from GraniHair
Make-up artist: Aino Tunkelo

Thank you!


Exploring the emptiness

Being active: updating the blog from a bus! At the moment I'm travelling from Tampere to Lahti. I edited few pictures I took when I was exploring the abandoned houses with VG and beware, there's also some red haired hotness incoming! Also known as my dearie friend Ulla.

I'm not sure how these pictures really look like, because I'm using my laptop's battery saving mode which reduces the light of the screen - and well, few times the sun just blinded my sight. Editing blindfolded is fun. Or not.


Installed, ready to setup

I have some news: I'm not dead! Seriously, I'm so sorry about this silence I've been having.

I have a new home now. It doesn't feel home yet, though. But soon. This new place is so different! I used to live in this calm campus area, fulfilled with trees and beautiful flowers, lots of fresh country-ish air and... animals! I've never seen fox so close than two weeks ago when I was wandering around the woods. Nearly three years in Kauniainen. I'm going to miss that funny little place.

Now I'm living next to neversleeping streets and view from my window inlcudes mainly grey apartment buildings. I can walk to the heart of Helsinki whenever I want to and there's 24/7 open store just few hundred meters away. It takes a while to get used to this, but oh gosh I'm in love with the city!

I cut my hair a week ago but I don't have any evidence yet. But I can tell this is the shortest hair I ever had (after the childhood, of course). I also have shitloads of pictures from abandoned houses I mentioned few posts earlier. And soon I'm going to get the pictures from the hair modeling event. Or I'm hoping to get them soon. I contacted the photographer like decades ago but I havent heard of him.

Seriously, there was something totally wrong with me when I ended up listening to... hip-hop. I admit that it's not the hip-hop thing that appeals me in this one band. It's the weirdness. Yes. It's Die Antwoord. Beware, Claire Boucher, Yo-Landi Vi$$er just might be my next style idol.