I'm as fake as a wedding cake

Last Tuesday I finally got my hair done for the photoshoot, which is tomorrow. After gazing my reflection I realised this is very similar to hairstyle I had three years ago. It was fully DIY, though, and I had it only six days.

My lovely childhood room, still full of Marilyn Manson. Actually, I'm wearing the same T-shirt in both pictures. It happens to be Marilyn Manson T-shirt. Fangirlism, yay!

Tomorrow they'll fix this hair a little, do some fierce make-up and take pictures in studio-kind-of situation. Hopefully I'm going to get those pictures, too. I'm getting excited!

Speaking of excitement, I hope you've already noticed that Aurelia-banner I made. If you happen to be around Helsinki in 11th May, I highly recommend you to come to Gloria at 5.00pm. Aurelia Fashion Show will be introducing outfits, jewellery and fabrics made by students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

I will be there, on the catwalk, showing one piece from the collection made by Tytti Vähäsarja.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Mää haluan tulla katsomaan tuon Aurelian näytökseeeen! Mutta miksi, oi miksi, tuntuu siltä, etten pääse? Oon niin rahaton ja myöhään TOssa.

    1. Oi vitsi, hyvä etto kommentoit kun en olis muuten tajunnut että siulla on Hamti-blogi! O_O <3 Ihana, mun elämä kaipasikin lisää Hamtia. Purr.