Sugar high

Sorry for being so vain, but...

I won't show the results of the day I was fully dolled and finally photographed for this... hairstyle competition this one unnamed hairstylist was attending to. In June I'll be allowed to publish the pics and credit the people behind my fabulousness. Shame that it was washed away after this pic was taken.

photographed by Vagina Galore
Today I was spending twenty minutes in Leppävaara with my roomie. 10 minutes for omg-be-fast-and-take-a-picture-of-me and then 10 minutes for omg-what-am-i-going-to-eat-tonight -shopping. I ended up buying a mud cake. Gurl, soon you won't see my bonez anymore!!

RuPaul from RuPaul's Drag Race S04E13


I'm as fake as a wedding cake

Last Tuesday I finally got my hair done for the photoshoot, which is tomorrow. After gazing my reflection I realised this is very similar to hairstyle I had three years ago. It was fully DIY, though, and I had it only six days.

My lovely childhood room, still full of Marilyn Manson. Actually, I'm wearing the same T-shirt in both pictures. It happens to be Marilyn Manson T-shirt. Fangirlism, yay!

Tomorrow they'll fix this hair a little, do some fierce make-up and take pictures in studio-kind-of situation. Hopefully I'm going to get those pictures, too. I'm getting excited!

Speaking of excitement, I hope you've already noticed that Aurelia-banner I made. If you happen to be around Helsinki in 11th May, I highly recommend you to come to Gloria at 5.00pm. Aurelia Fashion Show will be introducing outfits, jewellery and fabrics made by students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences.

I will be there, on the catwalk, showing one piece from the collection made by Tytti Vähäsarja.



I'll tell the words which were missing from the previous post. I wasn't in mood of writing and maybe those non-verbalic communication attempts didn't tell much.

Couple of weeks ago I was really excited, because it was the day of long waited consert of Zola Jesus. Me and my dear roomie Vagina Galore were dolling together and had a few crises before we reached the doors of Tavastia, one hour before opening. Our friend Mattiina also came and there we were, all excited and waiting to get to the first row.

Nika Rosa Danilova was so enchanting at stage. She was so tiny, but still full of energy. Such a strong voice, Night sounded even better. Few times she managed to disappear from my sight during one blink of an eye, and once she stepped away from the stage to dance barefoot among the audience. I nearly cried during Hikikomori and was choking by the power of Vessel.

After the consert I was blessed to chat a little with Nika, and even give a hug for her. She was adorable. Can't wait for her return.

From Zola Jesus' Official Facebook page, picture taken by Angel Ceballos