Alpine and Alpines

It's babbling alert right now! I don't have any pictures to show you, mut this mood brings lots of words. Not so important words.

You know this horrible moment when you want to listen to some great music but can't find anything satisfying. I had it today and it was horrible. I decided to check my Last.fm's music recommendations and ended up listening to Alpines from YouTube.

After spinning around in that site I ended up listening to Alpine.

Then... wait, what? Two different bands and so similar name. Kind of horrible, I might be cursed to confuse these with each other. Forever.

This Alpine's video of Hands is amazing. The song is nice, warm and happy, perfect for these days of springs fulfilled with sunlight. The video is really weird in a good way. So much different weirdness happening at the same time. After seeing this I wanted to drink a milkshake in shower.

Alpines is more eerie and floating, described as night pop. That was wat I was really looking for. Perfect.

This video plays with negative colours and triple images. I prefer video of Hands, but this music just need this kind of visuality. The combination is just beautiful.

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