Alpine and Alpines

It's babbling alert right now! I don't have any pictures to show you, mut this mood brings lots of words. Not so important words.

You know this horrible moment when you want to listen to some great music but can't find anything satisfying. I had it today and it was horrible. I decided to check my Last.fm's music recommendations and ended up listening to Alpines from YouTube.

After spinning around in that site I ended up listening to Alpine.

Then... wait, what? Two different bands and so similar name. Kind of horrible, I might be cursed to confuse these with each other. Forever.

This Alpine's video of Hands is amazing. The song is nice, warm and happy, perfect for these days of springs fulfilled with sunlight. The video is really weird in a good way. So much different weirdness happening at the same time. After seeing this I wanted to drink a milkshake in shower.

Alpines is more eerie and floating, described as night pop. That was wat I was really looking for. Perfect.

This video plays with negative colours and triple images. I prefer video of Hands, but this music just need this kind of visuality. The combination is just beautiful.


I deserve nothing, but fortune's way

Morning with coffee and Austra's CD. Lovely. Except when I put soy milk in my coffee and it won't blend. But I'm not complaining.


Mask Process

Dear Aron. You asked few posts earlier how years have been changing me and what could be my direction now. Last few years I've been struggling with my mental health, questions about sexuality, what I want to do with my life, ideologies I really appreciate and want to follow, and what really are my points of view about the way of living. I'm not sure is this the right place to reveal parts of this neverending spiral. But still, few things could be read between the lines.

My answer will check mainly the mask. It's time to reveal how my appearance has been changing during past few years. I'm sorry that this won't be the answer you were looking for, Aron. But this much can Heavy Beats Reality tell you.

I spend so many hours checking through ALL my pictures, starting from 2005. Sooo many nearly forgotten memories - and those which should be already forgotten. I'm going to divide these selected pictures into five different eras and tell some main ideas.

FIRST ERA - Cover of darkness
from autumn 2005 until the end of 2006
I think my appearance started really change in the second half of year 2005. Rising from the masses by taking influences of Marilyn Manson and J-rock, I dyed my natural blond hair to black and started to use mainly black clothes. How original... I have to say that this era was spent in really little town in Central Finland.

SECOND ERA - Little goth boy
from 2007 until summer of 2008
After basics I started experimenting with style. I was playing with different kinds of haircuts and colours, and clothes were more alternative - not so colourful, though. I was still highly influenced of goth scene and during this era I bought my first coloured contact lenses (red) and got my first piercing (industrial).

I have to thank Hilla, Isabella, Iina, Emma and Meeri for taking some of these pictures.
And special thanks for Iina, who was helping me with those dread extensions. Well, she didn't just help me. She bought the needed resources and turned them into these magnificent dreads. And Eija, who managed to attach these things to my head, whee!
And also Meeri, who created this lovely syringe necklace. Thanks, dearie!

THIRD ERA - Nancy boy
mainly 2009
Found out that make-up is okay, experimenting with feminine influences, wasn't afraid of combining the opposites and finally learned that it's okay to be gay! Candy canes as earrings and afterwards I could say that sometimes my looks were even trashy. I miss these colourful days.

Many thanks to Hilla, Paula, Ulla and Aron for some of these pictures. And special thanks for Ansku who made the Mad Hatter -shirt and Aron who created this corset above for me.

FOURTH ERA - That is you
Moving to the Southern Finland was a big change for me and I think the results could also be seen in my appearance. I slowly started to accept my body and found the slim clothes more comfort. I deleted everything that was too much, found beauty from simplicity and was more strickt about my look. I won't ever lose my experimenting side, though, and that's how it should be.

Thanks for Laura, Tuuli and Eija for the pictures.

FIFTH ERA - Black, grey and other shiny colours
Greyscale, my love. Well, this era is a rather worthless to mention, because this blog already includes lots of pics from greyscaleism. And you've seen what I've become now. But still, few shots from the beginning of year 2011.

Oh how I'd like to spam some pics which I find inspiring and hope they'll affect me massively. But all those pictures are mainly from Tumblr and the source is unknown. And... well, I think this post includes enough pictures already.

...phew, I don't even want to know how many hours I spent for this entry. I demand hope you enjoyed!



Thank you, Saara. She's an amazing model.


Edit head

They've finally done my hair in GraniHair. Thank you, Jonna! But now I have another new thing to get used to: curls. Good god I had them in a shape of a mohawk...

shot by VG
Because the hair is so soft, I really need to concentrate on edgy and hard clothing. I've always loved to combinate cuteness and roughness in my style. Also called as soft-porn... Just kiddin'...

I dig this hair, but this is so different it really takes a while to get used to it. One month and then will be the photoshoot for the competition Jonna is attending.