Cotton Candy

May I show you my brand new head.

Hairmodeling for Grani Hair. This is just the first stage, after two weeks the project will continue. I'm not sure what to think about this My Little Pony -look, but... well, I just need to wear less dark clothes, I think.


the Witching Hour

Many of you have been asking me to write more often. I would likely do that, but my life really isn't that exciting and I'm not going to do any "I bought this delicious pizza today and damn it was something!" kind of entries. My point of view might be blurred by low self-esteem, though. That's why I'm asking your help.

Is there anything you want to know about me? Something you'd like me to write about? Or just see something? You can be a muse and give inspirations and ideas, if you want to. I'm usually writing about monthly outfits and some music catches, but could there be something else you'd like to read about, more than once?

Random picture from January. I was running to my friend's birthday party and took this snapshot before leaving my den. Shame that I don't have any pictures of my whole look.



Just wanted to say that I changed the look of my blog. Not much, though.

I decided to change the colouring between background and text, because I wasn't sure was that previous one exploding your eyes too much - like light text on dark background usually does. I also erased the background picture and changed the header. And see that gayish favicon over there? Oh how hilarious.

If you have anything to say about this new form, please, just say it. Feedback is allowed and expected.