Think I've missed lots of new releases redently. I haven't been reading Pitckfork as often as I used to, but good that I'm still following Disco Naïveté. That might be my best way to locate all the new goodies. Of course I have to mention all my dear friends, who keep telling me about new music! luv u

Two days ago Santigold released a new song and also new video called Big Mouth. Finally something new from her! This song just returned all the good memories from last summer, when I listened loads of her first album. She still has her own sound but there's something new, which is compared to M.I.A. and her colourful crazyness by most of the people. There sure are similarities between this new song and M.I.A.:s Arular-album, but not that much it would be annoying at all.

I totally love the way Santigold has added up some speed to this song. There sure are earlier songs that made me dance, for example You'll Find a Way, but Big Mouth makes me bounce and spasm. I really can't wait for the second album Master of My Make-Believe to be released.

I'm also in lesbians with those background dancers from the video!

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