With Saana Wang

About a month ago Saana Wang contacted me and asked if I wanted to be in fron of her camera. And of course I said yes! It was truely worth it. She has talent and I liked to work with her. Such a smiling and inspiring person.

Saana Wang was born in Helsinki and lives now in New York City. Go on and check her website!


Ofelia Market 09.12.2012

If you happen to be in Helsinki next sunday and are feeling bored, I'm highly recommending you to come to Gloria. Ofelia Market is here!

Aron Ra is representing his first collection in Ofelia Market, MARRA 2012. So, at 14:30 o'clock you might find familiar faces from the cat walk...

pic by Aron Ra


Primitive Party Animal

Theme party, got some inspirations from Cruella de Vil
Fuck you, November. Sometime I just feel like the alcohol is the only way to escape this darkness. Seems like I'm not the only one who thinks that way, because there has been lots of home parties recently. Last Friday I went to friend's housewarming party dressed as Cruella Boy - this strange boy who's inspired by Cruella de Vil herself. Or they might be even relatives. It was fun to play with make-up, silver glitter gel and black spray dye -thing. I started to miss my black hair SO much...

Few weeks back we had Halloween party in our dear gay hippie community. We used lots of time for decoration, or mainly Daniel and Sami did.

Living room: children's masks and lights

Entry: blue lights and some lights inside a helmet

Kitchen: UV-light and art by Daniel
Our own make-up artist Sami preparing Tiina for the evening

 Shame that I've got only few pictures from the actual party. It was kind of hard to take good pictures with so low light. Oh yeah, blaming the lights, not my (unexisting) skills...

Daniel lurking

Elie seducing (pic by Daniel)
Meeri as a wicked Minnie

I don't know how many party monsters we had in total... maybe 30? (pic by... SOMEBODY? Maybe Amir?)
 I got this Halloween's inspirations from amazing TV series American Horror Story. I wanted something pervert, but scary. I've always had some weird appeal for masks, so I wanted my whole face to be covered. I was lucky to find this asylum-themed mask from the nearest porn store, and it wasn't even expensive! My first vision of a costume was all black, but I had to change it to white. It was a good decision, because white glows so pretty in UV-light!

Soon I'll say goodbye for community. Next week I'll be moving to Punavuori with my dearie Mattiina. Can't wait to have own room!! But still I'll miss my family, I hope moving away won't break our bonds.

me, Sami, Elie, Daniel and Tiina


Vogue Ball with Benny Ninja

Voguing is the same thing as, like, taking two knives and cutting each other up, but through a dance form.
Voguing might be familiar to you via music video of Madonna's song Vogue, and it truely introduced this amazing dance form to the mainstream. The greater names behind the dance are still something else than Madonna. She didn't invite it. It is said that the godfather of vogue is Willi Ninja, who passed away six years ago. Benny Ninja continues his legacy by leading the House of Ninja and - of course - dancing vogue.

Benny Ninja in Dtm, 21.10.2012
I would have missed this mindblowing event without my dear squirrelfriend Nakki, who loves Benny Ninja. One year ago he showed me a documentary called Paris Is Burning, which tells about ball culture of New York City and contains interviews of legendary drag queens, underground performance artists and house leaders. I highly recommend this to everyone interested in queer and transgender communities of the 80's.

The Vogue Ball in Dtm was amazing. There were lots of talented dancers and good god their moves were just... no, there's no words.

photographed by Santi Fox
Voguing came from shade because it was a dance that two people did because they didn't like each other. Instead of fighting, you would dance it out on the dance floor and whoever did the better moves was throwing the best shade, basically.

So voguing is like a safe form of throwing shade.

The name is taken from the magazine Vogue because some of the movements of the dance are also the same as the poses inside the magazine.

- Willi Ninja

Of course, I didn't show up without dolling up...

photographed by Santi Fox


Wild Garden

I think this is the main reason why I consider Villipuutarha as my favourite café.

with Eija, pic taken by Ulla

At first you might think the place is expensive, but it's not when you see the size of the cake slices and coffee cups. They are not even cups. They're bowls. I love it!

ps. Finnish is so weird language. Think about this one: "Paapa pipo päähän ja piippaapa!" ...just saying.


Contacts and Caffeine

Last Saturday I got courage to finally meet Paula. I've been following her blog over a year now and good god she's gorgeous! I like her personal style, the way she writes, and as an overall she is an interesting person. And she can speak Russian!

At first I was a bit afraid that my tired mood would just ruin the whole day, but good that caffeine is the saviour! The night before I was dancing my head off in night club Dtm and when I finally got back home I was stuck talking with my roomie for hours. Also, I wasn't the only one who didn't sleep so well: Paula had spended her night in night train from Rovaniemi to Helsinki.

After enjoying some coffee in Greece-styled café we found this beautiful courtyard and decided to take some photos.

She's such an adorable creature. Remember to chech her entry about this day!


V Approves

Daniel bought these amazing wedge heels! Of course I've been mood-swingy about these, too. Before they arrived I though I won't touch them, they won't suite me, wedge heels need something extravagant clothings! But now I'm practicing to walk properly with heels, planning to actually wear these some day. Good that I already know something about walking in high heels. But I'm a perfectionist when it's about heels. It'll take time before I'm not afraid to step outside with heels like this.
"When learning to walk in a higher heel, do not step one wobbly foot out of your trailer door until you have mastered each sultry stride. I suggest doing your household chores in a “practice” heel. In time you will see that your legs, ankles, feet , and butt have made friends with one another and the collaborative effort has created the most beautiful masterpiece in movement. It is not the heel that is the challenge, it is the poligamy of your parts that must be conquered."
That's what Raja Gemini once said. I just adore her so much. She's a make-up artist and also successful drag queen, who has been doing drag about twenty years now. I think I'd say she's my idol.

Raja Gemini, photo taken by Dan Renzi


Headline says everything. I should tattoo this to my forehead. Oh god. I'm a victim of low self-esteem and it really affects my posts in Blogger. It's a shame, yes. It was lovely to read your comments from the previous post, my dear readers. Bad that I didn't realise myself how much you actually like my blog - you wouldn't be reading this at all if you didn't, aye. For now on I'm going to reveal more about myself. This idea still freaks me out a little. And that damn camera, I hope I'll carry it with me whenever I leave this apartment!

To celebrate this mood-swing I updated appearance of Heavy Beats Reality, yay! The picture of new header was self-photographed 1½ years ago. Everything else was made by Daniel, thank you. He's a wizard with his tablet. I recommend you to check his Tumblr!

Few weeks ago I ended up buying this green coat just to realise that every second passerby was wearing a similar jacket - army-like, with German flags, you know. I'm oh so alternative that I wanted to modify it before wearing. First I planned to paint something on the back but then I just accidently bought too small T-shirt, which happened to have Red Meat print on it. I didn't feel like showing my belly button to everyone, so I cut the print away and added it to the coat. I need to thank my dearie friend Ulla, who teached me how to use the sewing machine. By the way, does anyone happen to have a spare sewing machine?

If you haven't read Red Meat yet, you seriously should. It's a comic strip created by Max Cannon. It's full of dark humour with  weird, gruesome and strangely behaving characters. Bug-Eyed Earl - this staring man from the print and also strip above - is my absolute favourite.

And finally, few pics from the day. Daniel took that pic of me.


Exploring the tunnels

How extremely lazy of me! I've been staring these pictures for days, doing nothing, just staring. Finally I'm done with choosing and editing the final pictures.

I think it was a week ago when me and Meeri went out to photograph - what else than each others. I've always wanted to visit in allotment garden. As a kid I lived in countryside and I think the allotment gardens would be the easiest (or just cheapest, can't understand why train trips are so expensive) way to get back.

But we were too late, the allotment garden of Kumpula had closed it's gates. Fortunately Meeri knew an old railway just few steps away from the gardens. The railway itself was ripped away, but the route was still there. And a tunnel so dark it was hard to guess how long it was. We also found lots of trash, like this old wheel. I was so sure that some junkies would appear from the tunnel...

Near the old railway we found this weird big door, leading to underground. Of course the door was shut tight, but good that the neighbouring area was filled with fine graffiti.

More in Meeri's entry

This might be the second time when I'm using this diy-vest. I'm still not sure do I like it or not. I really need to be more playful with clothes.

Next thing to do with this blog is to create new logo and choose better font. Maybe this wasn't so interesting news, but now that I've written it down in public I'm forced to get it done.


More from the Studio

Next several entries will be imageheavy. I don't have much to say, only some images to show.
I found out that Taru had edited more pictures from these shoots. Thanks to her for photographing and editing.

Carnivorous moment with VG



Two months later

I finally got the pictures from the hair model session, which was in April!

Photographer: Janne Mäki
Hairdresser: Jonna Niemenperä from GraniHair
Make-up artist: Aino Tunkelo

Thank you!


Exploring the emptiness

Being active: updating the blog from a bus! At the moment I'm travelling from Tampere to Lahti. I edited few pictures I took when I was exploring the abandoned houses with VG and beware, there's also some red haired hotness incoming! Also known as my dearie friend Ulla.

I'm not sure how these pictures really look like, because I'm using my laptop's battery saving mode which reduces the light of the screen - and well, few times the sun just blinded my sight. Editing blindfolded is fun. Or not.