New face of the dirty canvas bag

When my hair was dyed red I thought I will start using more colours in my outfits. The problem was I don't own much colourful clothes. One pair of red jeans, cyan collarshirt (which is way too thin for winter use), red collarshirt... few clothes which are out from greyscale but still low saturated. I tried out some weird combinations but soon I was back in these familiar colours. Or uncolours, as you can see. But my hair shines!

Last night I had perfect combination of inspirations and energy for doing something creative. I had one white canvas bag with some unwashable stains in it. Silver canvas paint did the trick to cover the eviden... I mean, the stain. It was not blood, I'm serious!

I had few plans what to do next. I don't have skills for painting breathtaking figures. Even drawing alphabets for templates was too tricky for me. I decided to use printer for that. Hooray for the computers!

The cutting process was killing me. I'm glad my idea for print wasn't too epic. Seven alphabets was enough. Can you already guess the text I'm going to paint?

Black canvas paint was used for this part. And then it was ready! I don't even want to tell how long I've been planning to do this diy project and how long this painting finally took. I should remember this and start doing more this kind of stuff. It's fun, easy and won't take all of my tumblring time.

And there I am, posing in the kitchen with my new canvas bag. The text 'Young and Gay' is from Austra's song with the same name. In one interview Lindsey Byrnes from AfterEllen asked Katie Stelmanis - vocalist of Austra - about this song. Here's one quote from that interview:
I originally wrote it as a tribute to an activist and artist named Will Munro from Toronto who died of brain cancer last year. He started a party in Toronto called Vazaleen over a decade ago that was one of the first queer gatherings to take place outside of the gay district. It was also one of the first where everyone was welcome, and everyone attended. Gays, lesbians, trans people, straight people, punks, clubbers etc. all enjoyed the welcoming atmosphere of his events. He also happened to be one of the sweetest people you'd ever meet and knew everyone he crossed paths with by their first name. His influence and his parties completely changed the queer landscape of Toronto.

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