November mornings

There's something very artistic in this time of year, but astill I just don't like autumns. Especially these last days of autumn. I'm trying to cheer myself up by finding the beauty of cold sunrises, dying colours and foggy nights. Charming, but still bit too suffocating for me.

Tuuli wanted to take some pictures with her nearly-forgotten 50mm objective and of course I wanted to join the game. That morning was perfect. Thin clouds were covering the most killing lights. My outfit was also a bit different, because I decided to look through Daniel's wardrobe. His style is more easy-going and street-ish than mine. Finally, this outfit included only jeans, scarf and hat from my wardrobe. At first I was a bit sceptic about wearing too much Union Jack, but it looks nice actually. I'm just too keen on greyscale...

We were randomly bouncing around Töölönlahti in Helsinki. I should wander there more often, the view wasn't bad at all! First we tried to go to Winter Garden but it was closed. Good that Töölönlahti was still giving nice locations for photographing. We found many eko-supportive writings on the street and huge stone tile, Memorial of Selfishness. It was full of names of people, who voted for nuclear power.

Tuuli laughed when she took this picture: "It's like from Hel-looks!" And I agree with that.

And here's Tuuli. I took this pic and suddenly fell in love with that objective. I think I need to start saving money for different kinds of objectives. *.*