Two months without any blogging? First I didn't have anything to write about. No nice outfits (I admit that usually I just forgot to take pictures, sorry), events or new releases from interesting bands or artists. Then I decided to resign from my school and that's why I had to return my school laptop and... I survived one month without computer!

Now I'm back in business. Last month was full of new releases: Ladytron, Zola Jesus, Björk and Regina. I think it's too late to write rewievs from them. But no worries, this month is also full of goodies. Angelspit released a new album few days ago. M83 and Skinny Puppy are also going to release something new. Can't wait!

Few weeks ago Laura wanted to take some pictures of me. That day was rather windy. Perfect weather for flying squirrel clothes. Nothing else to say. But aye, thanks!

Seems like I really need to practice some writing here. I'll promise to update my blog. Tomorrow. And day after tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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