Yum Yum

I usually hate "we went to party and here's some awful pictures about us" -kind-of-entries but seems like I'm doing it now! My blog is slipping to lifestyle-ish direction but I don't mind, actually. Being strickt would decrease amount of my entries here and that would be so boring. There's no rules at all.

My gorgeous friend Vagina Galore came to Helsinki last week. Oh how I've been missing him! I think it was October when we met last time. We had a fierce time, dolling up, hanging in the park with friends and checking few clubs (Jenny Woo and Dtm).

Here's some pictures from Thursday.

Let the music play and doll up your face, gurl! Here we are, ready for girls' night out. Check those pony boots of VaginaGalore. Aren't they just absolutely stunning?

Jenny Woo was kind of silent that night. Ok, we went there straight away when they opened the doors and left after few hours. It was perfect time for some pictures, though, because nobody was disturbing the shoots. And I loved the DJ, SpaceWitchPop was playing so good and not-so-mainstreamy music. I might be falling in love again - with Jenny.

I had a dream last night where my room mate cut my hair. I decided it was oneiromancy.

Don't forget to check VG's blog. There might be another post about that fabulous weekend incoming!

4 kommenttia:

  1. tykkään sairaana ekan ja viimisen kuvan outfitistä!

  2. Kiitos paljon! :o Olen pysynyt uskollisena greyscalelle ja koruhysterialle. Kaapin pohjalta löytyneet plattarit ja viehätys huppuihin tuovat ehkä jotain uutta sävyä. :3

    Harmittaa ettei lauantailta ole yhtään kuvaa, silloin kun asukokonaisuus piti sisällään mm. pvc-housut ja valkoiset piilarit.

  3. Vau, pakko sanoa että sulla on ihan mahtava tyyli! Ja ihanan tunnelmallisia kuvia.

  4. Kiitos paljon! *-* Pitäis kyl opetella kuvailemaan vähän enemmän, jäänyt niin vähille viime aikoina.