Most of my readers are from Finland, yes, but there's still strange amount of readers from Poland, Germany and so on. I also received some comments from UK. That was the sign. We all know how terrible Google Translator is and I think translations make blogs too messy. That's why I'll start to write only in English. I hope this won't tear down my verbal output, because I know Finnish better than English. Typoes incoming but who cares!

I'm not going to translate my previous entries. I added "finnish"-tag to them. So if you want to check how strange Finnish looks like, just go ahead.

Nothing too interesting happening in my life recently. I finally got some new piercings and... weird hair growing from my chin? D: Seems like I really need to crawl back to my cave. Grrrrrr...

Virpi took this picture few days ago. Thanks. <3

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